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97% First Call Resolution Made Possible with Mplus Solutions

One of the leading regional banks in Europe embarked on a transformational journey to deliver an exceptional customer experience in the banking industry.

To achieve this goal, the bank sought an experienced transformation partner with a deep understanding of customer experience to increase its customer base and ensure their satisfaction.

Partnering with Mplus, the bank gained invaluable insights into its strengths, weaknesses, and needs. The Mplus team identified the bank's pain points and designed and launched the necessary channels, processes, and frameworks to help the bank provide the most customer-centric and satisfactory experience possible.

By joining forces with Mplus, the bank was able to:

  • Get rid of outdated inbound and outbound operations
  • Learn actionable insights about CX transformation and trends
  • Reach top-notch CX technology solutions
  • Increase reachability, cost savings, and positive customer feedback

Download our case study to explore how Mplus' multi-step, transformational approach helped the client achieve:

  • 97% first-call resolution
  • New heights in CSAT scores
  • A 50% reduction in average call time
  • A doubling of conversion rates

Throughout the project, Mplus demonstrated exceptional consultancy expertise, accurately identifying our needs and providing tailored technology and CX solutions. They were dedicated to providing us with the best possible service that perfectly fit our needs. Thanks to Mplus, our customer experience operations were truly streamlined. We highly recommend Mplus to any company looking to achieve CX optimization.


Reachability to Customer Service

Improved from 54% to 95%

Call Duration

Reduced from 12 to 5.5 Minutes

First Call Resolution Rate

Elevated from 70% to 97%

Conversion Rate

Increased from 10% to 20%