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Developing solutions with 
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About us

Mtech and Mplus joint-forces to go beyond technology 
and provide 360° approach.

Mtech, part of Mplus Group, is a leading next-generation technology provider that revolutionizes business operations and customer experience with advanced AI-driven solutions and cloud-based services.

We provide a holistic roadmap of omnichannel communication solutions and a winning combination of high-quality services to support the customer experience management

Our in-house developed process automation solutions are based on the latest technology and can be easily adapted according to the requirements of any business.

Our Agent Experience Solutions offer a smooth and flawless experience to agents, while also reducing training times and improving customer satisfaction.

How we deliver next-generation CX solutions


Meet our Platform

Mtech is building a comprehensive and global platform that creates exceptional customer journey and business results.



Any Channel, Any Media, Anytime

Buzzeasy replaces most human interactions in a Customer Service chat by acting like a person and automating points of contact, allowing the team to focus on complex cases that significantly enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Buzzeasy is a cloud-based, AI-powered customer service platform designed to revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that enhance communication, provide insightful analytics, and empower agents with advanced tools to deliver exceptional customer service.

Smart Agent


Enhance team performance and decision-making in real time

Mtech Insights is an innovative, data-integration display solution tailored for optimizing real-time communication within businesses.

It provides a dynamic platform that presents crucial metrics and analytics, enhancing transparency and enabling teams to adapt and respond proactively, thereby elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service operations.


AI Agent Studio

Drag-and-drop AI into your business

Mtech AI Studio is a revolutionary platform that empowers businesses to harness the power of AI effortlessly. 

With our intuitive, web-based application, you can create, manage, and deploy AI-driven workflows and solutions, enhancing efficiency, customer engagement, and innovation.

Embrace the future of business with Mtech AI Studio, where AI development is simplified, and the possibilities are endless.



AI-Enhanced Communication Guide for Call Center Excellence

Mtech LiveCoach is a cloud-based, AI-enhanced communication assistant tailored to revolutionize how call center agents interact with customers. 

It provides an integrated suite of features that guide real-time dialogue, offer immediate corrective feedback, and empower agents with the tools to deliver outstanding customer service, elevating every conversation to excellence.



Facilitate the workflow process

200% Increase in Efficiency

Cempresso wraps around existing systems and can be deployed in a matter of 2 weeks. It provides 360° service clarity by visualizing data to enable agents to get full context and AI-driven suggestions. The system has an automated background investigation, as well as an automatic remedy and guided support concept via various channels.

Contact Us - Next-Gen CX with Mtech Next-Gen Technologies

rectangle-4233.png Customer Experience

We create 360° omnichannel communication solutions via personalized platforms to facilitate both customer and agent experience and to tap into customer insights and expectations to constantly improve satisfaction.

rectangle-4233.png Consultancy

Our holistic approach allows us to enhance our partners' operations and makes us a “one-stop-shop” through industry-leading expertise, cutting-edge technology, and continuous improvement culture.


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