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Revolutionizing customer care 
with 360° innovative solutions

Our Solutions

A consolidation of proprietary technology, best-of-breed digital consultancy expertise and user experience design
is the winning combination to support your customer experience optimization.

We provide a holistic roadmap of omnichannel communication solutions and a winning combination of high-quality services to support the customer experience management

Our in-house developed process automation solutions are based on the latest technology and can be easily adapted according to the requirements of any business.

Our Agent Experience Solutions offer a smooth and flawless experience to agents, while also reducing training times and improving customer satisfaction.

How we transform the CX value chain


Our Tech Products

Creating exceptional customer journeys with omnichannel transitions powered by our in-house developed software solutions.



Manage contact channels seamlessly

25% Increase in Efficiency

+40% Improvement in First Contact Resolution

Allspace allows you to design tailor-made and flexible process flows and integration possibilities with the most common communication channels. As the process flows are designed, all business development opportunities will be visualized with the help of an effective measurement mechanism, bottlenecks and performance improvement points can be analyzed with detailed reports.

25% Increase in Efficiency / 15+ Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Score

35% SLA Improvement in Customer Services Tickets / 40% Improvement in First Contact Resolution

Smart Agent

Smart Agent

Create fast & accurate responses

100 s. Improvement in ACHT

60% Improvement in First Contact Resolution

Our interactive knowledgebase management software SmartAgent makes it possible to handle calls efficiently and in a standardized manner via flow-based scripts. With the help of CTI, the system recognizes customers and accesses previous transactions to better understand the call reason and open related tickets for further operations. All process updates can be handled easily with the help of reusable process templates.

100 s. ACHT Improvement / 60% First Contact Resolution Improvement / 50% Reduced Training Duration

15 Overall Quality Score Increase / <0,01% Customer Complaints / 30% SLA Improvement



Optimize processes with robotic automation

85% Increase in Efficiency

TOTTI (RPA) is a computer software that can mimic human actions and automate repetitive rule-based tasks typically performed by humans on their computers utilizing the user interface to manipulate data and applications just as a human would with high precision.

TOTTI can fill in forms, log into web apps, make calculations, scrap data from the web, move files & folders, open email & attachments, follow if/then decisions/rules, or connect to system API.

85% Increase in Efficiency



Transform teams into a multichannel contact center

Buzzeasy is the ultimate Cloud Contact Center Solution which provides the easiest way to add digital channels to any existing Microsoft Teams contact center. It enhances Microsoft Teams to encompass voice and digital customer interaction to enable agents to provide an exceptional customer experience.



Facilitate the workflow process

200% Increase in Efficiency

Cempresso wraps around existing systems and can be deployed in a matter of 2 weeks. It provides 360° service clarity by visualizing data to enable agents to get full context and AI-driven suggestions. The system has an automated background investigation, as well as an automatic remedy and guided support concept via various channels.

Our services go beyond identifying improvement opportunities.

rectangle-4233.png Customer Experience

We create 360° omnichannel communication solutions via personalized platforms to facilitate both customer and agent experience and to tap into customer insights and expectations to constantly improve satisfaction.

rectangle-4233.png Consultancy

Our holistic approach allows us to enhance our partners' operations and makes us a “one-stop-shop” through industry-leading expertise, cutting-edge technology, and continuous improvement culture.

Ready to create next-gen customer experiences?


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