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EBRD €60 million investment in M Plus Croatia finalized
News 21.05.2024

EBRD €60 Million Investment in M Plus Croatia Finalized

EBRD appoints new professional reinforcements to M Plus Croatia boards
New Agri - Food Partnership_Mplus and Panvita
News 07.05.2024

Slovenian food sector leader Panvita Group chooses Mplus as partner for strategic growth through acquisitions

The partnership aims to position Panvita as a regional food leader in Southeastern Europe
Gateway Contact Center
Blog 29.04.2024

The Gateway to Global Customer Connectivity

Automation Summit Conference
News 29.04.2024

Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Mplus at the Automation Summit Conference

Mplus and Brave telephone
News 26.03.2024

Mplus and Hrabri Telefon to Collaborate on Employee Education Initiative

Mplus_Hrabri telefon
News 21.03.2024

Empowering Children: Mplus Partners with Hrabri telefon NGO for New Support Center

Sanja Lolic
News 07.03.2024

Mplus Endorses Edward Bernays University's Career Day Initiative

Stjepan Oresković Novi dan N1
News 23.02.2024

Strengthening Cultural Institutions: Mplus's Collaboration with Croatian National Theater (HNK) on N1 Television's "Novi dan"

Stjepan Oreskovic Manager of the year 2023
News 15.02.2024

Celebrating Excellence in Croatian Leadership: Mplus's Stjepan Orešković Leads Jury at Manager of the Year Awards

Viktor Hlaca
News 15.02.2024

Efficiency Amplified: Mplus's Tech-Forward Approach Revealed at Zimmer Frei Forum 2024

News 14.02.2024

Mplus Extends Sponsorship: Powering the Croatian National Theater's Digital Transformation

Paul Neumann and Koda Skurzewski

Mplus Group Welcomes New Leadership in 2024

Ana Babic Mplus
News 31.01.2024

Navigating a Successful Career at Mplus: Ana Babić's Professional Journey

Mplus WFH
News 24.01.2024

Mplus Study in the Spotlight: Adapting to a New Era of Work

News 23.01.2024

MPLUS Turkiye Receives Big Thinking AWARD at 6TH CX AWARDS TURKEY

Blog 19.01.2024

Explore the Impact of AI-Enhanced Knowledge Bases on Contact Centers

Blog 11.01.2024

Revolutionizing Telecom CX: 3 Strategies + Troubleshooting Magic

HUP Round Table
News 20.12.2023

Remote work study: Mplus and leading researchers confirm work-life balance surge in WFH setting

News 11.12.2023

MPLUS Wins Bronze Awards in "Best Customer Experience Redesign" Category at ECCCSA

News 08.12.2023

Shaping Tomorrow: Mplus’s Tamara Sardelić on Championing Gender Equity in Corporate Governance

News 06.12.2023

Mplus's Stjepan Orešković Talks Bridging Science and Business on Croatian National Television

Stjepan Oreskovic Conclave
News 28.11.2023

First European Conclave 2023: Insights from Stjepan Orešković, Mplus Majority Owner, on Shaping Europe's Future

EBRD and Mplus
News 28.11.2023

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invests EUR 60 million in Mplus

Next Business

Synergy Across Business Verticals: Mplus Group's Expanding Footprint in Slovenia and Europe

News 10.11.2023

Mplus Turkiye Receives Leadership and Management Development Program Award From TEGEP

Blog 09.11.2023

Elevate Food Delivery Operations with Data-Driven Excellence

Q3 financial results 2023

Mplus Excels Financially, Launches eCommerce in 2023 Q3

Case Study 03.11.2023

Overcome Financial Services Industry Challenges with Mplus

Stjepan Orešković
News 23.10.2023

Bled Forum: Stjepan Orešković on AI & Digital Transformation

E-Book 13.10.2023

Creating Industry-Agnostic Success with Mplus