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Creating Industry-Agnostic Success with Mplus

As a global BPO leader with expertise across industries, we continuously innovate the BPO landscape with our CX services and AI-driven solutions. Would you like to discover what makes us the best-in-class global call center provider

Dive into our eBook to learn more about:

  • Mplus’s AI-powered CX optimization ecosystem with all its components
  • Buzzeasy’s AI-powered features
  • Inspiring success stories from diverse industries

At a Turkish retail company:

30% Increase in First-Contact Resolution (FCR)   

60% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

At a leading European bank:

80% Reduction in Approval Durations

30% Increase in Legacy Customer Satisfaction

At a European parcel delivery company:

50% Faster Return Processes  

35% Decrease in Calls

At a Turkish construction company:

60% Decrease in Ticket Status Calls

40% Reduction in Customer Complaints

Download our eBook now to explore how Mplus helped its clients increase their first-call resolution rates, customer satisfaction scores, and more in their customer support operations!