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Empowering Children: Mplus Partners with Hrabri telefon NGO for New Support Center

Zagreb, March 21, 2024 – Hrabri telefon, a non-governmental organization, has announced a new partner and donator for its project "New Beginning - Expanding Hrabri Telefon's Social Services" - Mplus Group. Mplus has not only provided financial backing for the project but will also operate an outbound fundraising call campaign aimed at a database of 26,000 potential donors. The collaboration aims to support the construction of a new support center in Dugave, Zagreb.

Mplus i Hrabri telefon

Pictured from left to right: Jelena Tomić (Head of Donations and Sponsorships at Hrabri telefon), Hana Hrpka (President and CEO of NGO Hrabri telefon), Tomislav Glavaš (Member of the Management Board and CEO of Mplus Group), Bruna Kostelac Košir (Executive Director for HR at Mplus Group). Photo: Mplus Group

"In striving to fulfill its mission, Hrabri telefon addresses the vital need to safeguard every child and empower them and their surroundings. Such a mission can only be achieved with supportive partners. We are delighted to have found a genuine partner in Mplus, whose contribution will be pivotal in launching the new support center. 

"This expansion will enable us to reach more children and families in need, providing assistance and support. We believe that our collaboration with Mplus will set a commendable example for the community, particularly the business sector, on how to respond to the pressing needs of the community and contribute to a better society," Hana Hrpka, President and CEO of NGO Hrabri telefon, said.

"This partnership, which we've named 'Communication is the Key to Support,' underscores our commitment to fostering a better, safer, and healthier community in collaboration with our partners. Throughout March and April, our agents will contact 26,000 donors from the Hrabri telefon database to raise awareness about the association's work and gather the necessary funds to finalize construction and inaugurate the new center in Dugave. 

"We aim to provide a secure space for children and youth to seek assistance and support whenever needed. Furthermore, in partnership with Hrabri telefon, we intend to support Mplus employees by arranging a series of educational workshops and individual consultations throughout the year," Tomislav Glavaš, CEO of the Mplus Group, said.

Safeguarding the interests of children and youth

Hrabri telefon is renowned for its toll-free counseling line for children, 116-111, and the line 0800-0800 for parents, alongside over ten projects and programs at national and international levels. With over 180 volunteers, the organization has been dedicated to safeguarding the interests of children and youth for over 25 years.

The importance of a free counseling hotline like Hrabri telefon is highlighted by the nearly 4,000 inquiries received in 2023, spanning concerns from children, parents, and other caregivers regarding children's well-being, notably focused on mental health issues such as suicidal thoughts and self-harm, accounting for 8% of total contacts.

Hrabri telefon i Mplus Grupa

Pictured from left to right: Nikolina Antolić (Head of Marketing and Public Relations of Mplus Group), Hana Hrpka (President and CEO of NGO Hrabri telefon), Jelena Tomić (Head of Donations and Sponsorships at Hrabri telefon), Bruna Kostelac Košir (Executive Director for HR at Mplus Group). Photo: Mplus Group

New support center

In its expanded premises in Dugave, Zagreb, Hrabri telefon will broaden its prevention activities through various counseling avenues (phone line, e-counseling, group and individual sessions) catering to children and youth without adequate parental care, those facing behavioral challenges, victims of domestic violence, pregnant women, parents with children who are up to one year old, as well as family members and foster families.

Children, youth, and parents can reach out for advice, solace, and problem-solving via the hotline, which is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Hrabri telefon can also be contacted via email, chat, forums, or Facebook. Counselors are available on live chat every evening during the workweek from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., and other e-counseling channels are accessible around the clock.

In addition to Mplus, other donors - both corporate entities and private individuals - can contribute to the initiative to establish the new center in Dugave. Donations can be made through the Hrabri telefon website, which offers various payment options, including cards, KeksPay, and Aircash. Direct donations can also be made to the association's account HR8824020061500118867 (Erste Bank).

About Hrabri telefon: 

The counseling channels of Hrabri telefon (for children 116 111, for mothers and fathers 0800 0800, email/chat/forum) are places of trust and seeking support in all situations related to parenting and childhood. They are often the first place where children confide about their experiences and seek advice.

In 2023, Hrabri telefon for children was most frequently called regarding topics related to psychosocial difficulties and mental health (48%), abuse and violence (43%), seeking information (31%), family relationships (28%), and peer relationships (18%).

Hrabri telefon for mothers and fathers was most frequently called regarding topics of family relationships (63%), abuse and violence (36%), school-related issues (23%), psychosocial difficulties and mental health of children and youth (18%), and developmental challenges (17%).