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Mplus Elevate - First Global Leadership Development program tailored specifically for Mplus with IEDC BLED

“There was an extremely positive atmosphere and good energy among the participants. It was great that we were connected and distributed in groups with participants from other companies”, 

Kaan Ilker Iseder, Group Head Of Talent Development at MPlus.

Mplus leaders across the Group have embarked on Mplus Elevate Leadership Development program in partnership with the prestigious IEDC - Bled School of Management. The 9-month program addresses key future leadership challenges, including the impact of technology and sustainability. By equipping our leaders with advanced business management and leadership competencies, we are confident that this program will have a transformational effect on their personal and professional growth. In turn, this will contribute to a shift in our corporate culture, better preparing us for positive business transformation. We are proud to have a 60% female representation. 

Participants will also benefit from extensive networking opportunities, both with fellow Mplus leaders and through the open enrollment section of the program, benchmarking with peers from other companies. Our aim is for Mplus leaders to contribute to our organizational excellence by staying ahead of the curve on digital transformation, technological advancements, and cultural changes - all of which are global megatrends. Overall ELEVATE program objectives



Overall ELEVATE program objectives

The program should have transformational effect on selected group of participants through increasing the level of those business, management and leadership competences seen as key by M+ group, as well as identified based on IEDC experience from situations of similar profile. 
• High level of enthusiasm and commitment created within the program should, spill over“ into the everyday roles of the program participants, help them to perform better, create desire for next steps of personal development, as well as motivate them to serve as proactive agents of change in their business environment. 
• The program should contribute to the change of corporate culture, ready to reach positive effects of business transformation. 
• The program should also allow for intense networking among the participants of the program but also allow benchmarking with participants from other companies in open-enrolment part of the program 
• Finally the program should contribute to building of a strong sense of shared identity and values

Particular ELEVATE objectives

THINK and MANAGE differently in a competitive business world 
BUILD a solid foundation of the core business functions that drive the organization 
HONE execution skills allowing to deliver top class organizational performance 
UNDERSTAND the broad strategic perspective 
CONTRIBUTE to organizational and business transformation 
GAIN a deeper understanding of themselves, management’s roles and responsibilities 
DEVELOP leadership skills to get the best out of them and their team 
GROW as leaders 
BE PREPARED to tackle challenges with confidence 
CONNECT learning and personal development from the modules with daily job