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Mplus Endorses Edward Bernays University's Career Day Initiative

Zagreb, March 6th, 2024 - Edward Bernays University of Applied Sciences hosted its inaugural Career Day, a strategic event designed to foster connections between students and key stakeholders from leading communication agencies, media entities, and corporate organizations offering internships and potential full-time employment opportunities.

Dejan Gluvačević i Sanja Lolić

 Dejan Gluvačević, Head of the Department of Communications at Edward Bernays University, and Sanja Lolić, HR Manager at Mplus  Photo: Mplus Group

Amidst a significant demographic transition, characterized by the gradual retirement of the baby boomer generation and the ascension of Generation Z, projected to represent over 30 percent of the active workforce by 2030, the importance of initiatives like this cannot be overstated.

The Career Day attracted a diverse cohort of Edward Bernays University students, demonstrating keen interest in participating in workshops, partner presentations, and a thought-provoking roundtable discussion. Additionally, students seized the opportunity for intimate discussions with internship partners through structured speed dating sessions, facilitating meaningful exchanges and providing invaluable insights into internship prospects and career trajectories.

Mplus's Commitment to Professional Development

Recognizing the imperative of deliberate knowledge transfer, experiential learning, and the cultivation of professional competencies, Mplus has actively aligned itself with initiatives promoting mentorship, career guidance, and educational enrichment. Through such endeavors, the organization endeavors to equip emerging talent with the requisite skills and insights to navigate the complexities of the contemporary job market.

Round table "From Internship to Career: Maximizing Professional Opportunities"

The culminating roundtable discussion, themed "From Internship to Career: Maximizing Professional Opportunities," provided a platform for esteemed panelists, including Anita Šulentić, President of the Institute of Radio Industry; Igor Vukasović, Director of Corporate Communications at Croatian Telecom; Sanja Lolić, HR Manager at Mplus Group; and Dario Stajčić, Social Media Team Lead at Laconiq Agency, to share their expertise. 

Sanja Lolić okrugli stol

Photo: Mplus Group

Moderated by Branko Janjić, Head of the Partner Relations Office at Bernays, the dialogue encompassed critical reflections on the evolving job market landscape, strategies for optimizing internship experiences, and personal insights gleaned from both student and employer perspectives.

In her remarks, Sanja Lolić underscored the enduring value of all professional experiences, urging attendees to actively absorb and disseminate the knowledge acquired throughout their professional journeys.