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Mplus improves the relationship of the Croatian National Theater with its audience

Thanks to its new main sponsor and partner, the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb will modernize and improve its services, which will contribute to achieving a better user experience and positively affect the satisfaction of subscribers and viewers.


Thus, with the help of the resources, knowledge, and experience of a successful domestic company, HNK in Zagreb will improve its relationship with the public with the aim of even greater satisfaction, providing timely information and notifications, and delivering improved service.

"The Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and Mplus share common values. In addition to Croatian artists, foreign artists also work at HNK in Zagreb, so it can be said that it has an international ensemble that brings together creatives and exceptional people from all over the world, in the same way that Mplus covers the needs of its users in fifty seven markets with its international and diverse team. Both Zagreb's HNK and Mplus are proof that it is possible to achieve regional and international reputation by operating from Zagreb, therefore Mplus proved to be the best choice for our needs, pointed out the quartermaster Iva Hraste Sočo at a press conference in the foyer of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, presenting the new main sponsor and partner of the central national theater company - the company Mplus, the leading European provider of BPTO services for the outsourcing of business and technological processes.

"Mplus has shown in its approach that it is a true philanthropist of the 21st century. Accordingly, this is not about ordinary sponsorship, but about bringing the knowledge and technology of Mplus in the segment of user experience so that the HNK in Zagreb could modernize its relationship with the audience, says the intendant of the Zagreb HNK.

With its innovative business model, Mplus achieved significant growth in the last five years and expanded its operations to the markets of Western Europe, providing services to leading global companies. The company Mplus was founded in Croatia in 2007. It successfully integrates the dynamic industries of contact center, information technology and employment services with the aim of solving global challenges in the field of customer support.

darko daje intervju

"In accordance with our values that we bring to our daily operations, we want to support the development of culture and contribute to the community. By investing funds and implementing modern technologies in the operation of the theater, from the introduction of new communication channels to professional customer support, we will contribute to bringing the HNK in Zagreb closer to everyone, especially the younger audience who want faster and easier access to information at all times. Of course, there is also a significant financial contribution from our side as part of this partnership", says Darko Horvat, president of the Mplus Management Board.

"Our goal is to use our knowledge and resources to help other organizations in the Republic of Croatia, especially artistic and cultural ones. In the upcoming period, we want to technologically improve the central Croatian theater and, with our solutions and investments in development, raise  the quality of Zagreb HNK's content closer to European and world standards, emphasized Darko Horvat.

With this decision, the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb came closer to numerous European and world theaters that have been cultivating this kind of relationship with corporate companies for years with the aim of investing in the highest quality theater productions, a richer repertoire, and a better relationship with the audience.