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Mplus Renews Commitment to Supporting Young Digital Innovators in Croatia

Zagreb, May 28th, 2024 – For the second year in a row, Mplus has renewed its partnership with the Digi Awards, an event organized by Jutarnji list and its partners over the past five years. This award recognizes the most outstanding young digital innovators in Croatia.

This year, 31 projects were submitted for the Digi Awards 2024, with the jury selecting the top ten projects for the finals.

Digi Awards 2024

Digi Awards 2024 Finalists, Photo: Željko Puhovski, Cropix

Valter Flego, a member of the European Parliament, highlighted the importance of such initiatives, stating, "In the EU Parliament, behind closed doors, there is a lot of talk about youth innovation, but it often remains just talk. This competition is the best example of how to turn ideas into practice. Continue being creative and innovative, and we will be here to support you later."


Panel Discussion on the Future of Digital Innovation

Following the awards ceremony, a panel discussion titled "The Future of Young Digital Innovators and How Large Companies Seek and Foster Innovations in Their Digital Operations" took place. The panel featured Matej Sušanj, HR Business Partner at Croatia Osiguranje; Ana Milićević, Marketing Director at Telemach Hrvatska; Ivan Huzjak, Executive Director of IT Operations at APIS IT; Damjan Huđek, Project Manager of "AI Studio" at Mplus; and Professor Mario Salai, representing the winning team.

Panel DIGI Awards 2024

Panel discussion titled "The Future of Young Digital Innovators and How Large Companies Seek and Foster Innovations in Their Digital Operations", Photo: Željko Puhovski, Cropix

Moderated by Jutarnji list columnist Gojko Drljača, the discussion delved into public interest in digital worlds, particularly how artificial intelligence is transforming business operations in Croatian companies and what the future holds.

"Like any other technology, AI is only as useful as the people managing it, because humans are at the center of this relationship as originators, creators, and users. As a people-driven company focused on client solutions, we believe that AI will help further develop the company and unlock new potentials," Damjan Huđek said.

Damjan Huđek

Damjan Huđek, Project Manager of "AI Studio" at Mplus, Photo: Željko Puhovski, Cropix

Damjan also encouraged young individuals to present their ideas and projects to companies, sharing his own experience: "Knock on the doors of companies with your ideas and projects. That's how I started. There is plenty of space for you."

The Digi Awards continue to serve as a significant platform for showcasing and nurturing young talent in the digital innovation space. That’s why Mplus, along with other companies, continues to support it, with the goal of promoting more opportunities for the next generation of innovators.

You can find out more about the Digi Awards 2024 here (link in Croatian): Jutarnji list - AISight: Srednjoškolke iz Baranje kreirale su najbolju digitalnu inovaciju ove godine


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