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MPLUS Turkiye Receives Big Thinking AWARD at 6TH CX AWARDS TURKEY

Mplus Turkiye, one of the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPTO) companies in Turkiye has been honored with the prestigious "Big Thinking Award" in the "Employee Experience" category at the 6th CX AWARDS TURKEY, organized by Nice Media.

The awarded project, titled 'Experience from Today to the Future,' exemplifies Mplus Turkiye's commitment to improving employee engagement and experience. This initiative incorporates cutting-edge training and development activities, effective communication strategies, motivation-inducing competitive reward processes, and various internal events, resulting in a more constructive working environment.

Barış Şanlıoğlu, Assistant General Manager of Human Resources, Service Quality, Administrative Affairs, and Purchasing, received the award on behalf of Mplus Turkiye at the ceremony held on January 11th, at Sait Halim Pasha Yalısı. He emphasized Mplus Turkiye's dedication to providing a work experience aligned with the current needs and dynamics of employees, aiming to create a cohesive, high-sense-of-belonging, and happy working environment.

"We have achieved noticeable improvement in increasing employee engagement. Through our project, we provided a more effective onboarding experience for new colleagues, facilitating a closer connection with the company. We didn't just listen to the voices of our existing employees – we focused on all touchpoints in their experience journey, offered tangible solutions tailored to their needs, and significantly enhanced communication and interaction among departments," Şanlıoğlu stated.

The ongoing project, initiated in 2022, has already proven to be very successful with a notable increase of 5-6 percentage points in average employee engagement, surpassing 70% by the end of its first year. Additionally, the project resulted in a 68% reduction in employee turnover due to managerial reasons compared to the previous year.

"Our operational competence received a 100% rating from our customers"

Şanlıoğlu highlighted the positive impact of the improvements in employee experience on customer satisfaction, stating, “Our operational competence achieved a perfect score of 100% from our customers throughout the project. At its beginning, we managed to increase our operational competence rating from 96 out of 100 in the corporate customer survey in 2021 to a perfect 100 in 2022. During the mid-term evaluation surveys in August, September, and October 2023, we maintained our standard with a 90.7% rating. However, through strategic actions based on insights, we witnessed an upward trend, reaching 92.8%. The satisfaction score surged from 86.1% to 89.3% between July and October 2023. In the Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey, the satisfaction rate, which stood at 4.47 in July 2023, rose to 4.50 in October 2023, contributing to an overall satisfaction rate of 98 out of 100. These achievements clearly demonstrate the positive effects of the project on company efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Renowned for its successful projects enhancing customer experience processes across various sectors, such as banking, healthcare, retail, and tourism, Mplus Turkiye continues to elevate service quality and efficiency through innovative products and services developed using its proprietary technology. This last achievement underscores the company's ongoing mission to redefine industry standards and create a workplace that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both its employees and clients.