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Mplus Turkiye Receives Leadership and Management Development Program Award From TEGEP

Mplus Turkiye Supports the Career Lifes of its Employees with Training Programs

Mplus Turkiye, one of Turkey's largest Business Process and Technology Outsourcing (BPTO) companies, is shaping the career journeys of its employees with its agile and innovative human resources culture focused on employee development and satisfaction. By offering its employees personal and professional development opportunities through vocational training programs and was recently recognized with an award in the Leadership and Management Development Program category at the Learning and Development Awards Competition organized by the Turkiye Education and Development Platform Association (TEGEP)

Mplus Turkiye fosters a development-oriented work environment where employees can enhance their creativity and acquire new skills. Through projects introduced in the past year, the company further reinforces this approach. After winning the "Best Internal Trainer Development Program" award at the TEGEP Learning and Development Awards Competition last year with its Trainer Development Program Project, the company has now been honored with the "Leadership and Management Development Program" award for its Operation Manager Development Program this year. 

"This award is an indicator of the value we place on our employees and the contribution we make to their development," said Kaan Ilker Iseder, the Head of Talent Management of Mplus Group. He emphasized their commitment to employee development and success, saying, "We always prioritize our employees and focus on enabling them to continue their career journeys successfully by gaining new skills. We are delighted to receive recognition from TEGEP for the second time, as this award is a testament to the value we place on our employees and the contribution we make to their development." 

"We add value to our employees' career lives," Iseder noted that they attach great importance to continuous improvement and being a learning organization. He added, "We continuously update our training programs to align with the requirements of the era, adding various changes, from content updates to including effective professionals, based on the experiences we gained from the first program. Currently, we are working on a brand new leadership development program with 450 of our employees."