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MPLUS Wins Bronze Awards in "Best Customer Experience Redesign" Category at ECCCSA

Mplus, Europe's fastest-growing group of BPO, Technology, and Consulting company, continues to achieve international success with its products and services that elevate customer experience processes and efficiency to new heights. With its deep industry expertise and proficient teams, Mplus is advancing with a vision to provide stakeholders with a customer experience beyond the current era. The company recently secured a significant achievement by winning the bronze award in the "Best Customer Experience Redesign" category at the prestigious European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA), one of Europe's most prestigious Call Center awards. 

Pioneering technological advancements and R&D investments in the contact center sector, Mplus is committed to perfecting customer experience processes through improvements in services, consulting, and technology. The brand has not only followed the path of transformation with each step but has also reached a position to shape the transformation. With 23 years of leadership in the European customer communication industry, ECCCSA is the longest-running and largest award program, and Mplus earned the bronze award in the "Best Customer Experience Redesign" category. 

Mplus adds new success stories with its business partners

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, companies are accelerating their digital transformation journeys to enhance customer experience. Regardless of industry and size, all companies require different solutions for various operational processes, from creating the right teams for targeted workforce efficiency to performance measurement, infrastructure design to cost management. Mplus brings together all the needed solutions in one place, guiding companies with its products and services, as well as consultancy services, to align them with their future goals.

Currently, Mplus is unwavering in initiating new ventures in the industry, undertaking scientific R&D activities to develop next-generation technologies and products, and relentlessly working to elevate customer experience. In this context, the brand enhances customer satisfaction and employee experience while focusing on reducing costs and increasing efficiency through its consultancy services. In today's business landscape, companies of all sizes and from every sector aim to differentiate themselves in their markets to expand their target audience. Mplus, through its consultancy service, integrates all operational processes leading to customer experience, introducing companies to new opportunities and adding new success stories to its portfolio.