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Navigating a Successful Career at Mplus: Ana Babić's Professional Journey

Zagreb, January 31, 2024 – In a recent feature by the Croatian business site Lider, Mplus’s Ana Babić shared thoughts about her remarkable journey at the company. As the Director of Corporate Governance & Compliance for the Mplus Group, Ana's decade-long contributions have played a pivotal role in the organization's growth.

Ana Babić Mplus


In the world of international corporations, having a solid grip on corporate governance means really knowing the ins and outs of the organization, earning the trust of top management, and having authentic advisory skills. This holds especially true in multinational giants like Mplus. 

Ana's journey with the company began as a student when she jumped on board with the legal and personnel department. Through the years, fueled by her unwavering dedication and a strong focus on self-improvement, she steadily worked her way up through different roles.

Starting from managing legal and personnel matters to taking on management roles and overseeing the back-office department, both at M Plus Croatia and Group levels, Ana's journey mirrors the company's dedication to cultivating talent. Her leadership in the investor relations department and her role as a representative of the workers on the Supervisory Board of Meritus ulaganja d.d. both highlight her diverse expertise.

An Important Achievement: The Corporate Governance Department

When the corporate governance department was set up upon the company's stock exchange listing, it was not only a nod to Ana's long-standing dedication but also opened up new avenues for her professional development. 

As she told Lider, “Through my department, I want to encourage the further development of each employee, identify talents, and advise the management on the direction in which we can evolve. I am extremely pleased to be part of a company that internally develops its people, providing them with opportunities for professional growth. I am proof that a student, through learning, broadening perspectives, dedication, and hard work, can become a director after gaining experience.”

Nurturing Talent at Mplus

Ana's journey, as highlighted in Lider, isn't just a recognition of her contributions; it also stands as an inspiration for budding professionals, both within and outside the Mplus community. Her story embodies the very spirit of Mplus – an unwavering commitment to fostering talent, promoting personal growth, and championing diversity. 

"As a woman in the business environment, I am heartened that our team comprises over 60% women, who increasingly hold managerial positions within the Group. Empowering women and supporting their developmental journey are integral components of the corporate culture at Mplus Group.

In a world of corporate success stories, Ana stands out as a beacon of inspiration, embodying Mplus's commitment to shaping a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture.

To access the full article in Croatian published on Lider’s site, consult the following link.