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Philipp Rösler: Newest Addition to Mplus Team

In a recent exclusive interview with Večernji list, one of the most influential Croatian business media outlets, Philipp Rösler shared his thoughts on joining Mplus Group and praised the company's strong focus on its people and cutting-edge technological advancements.

Philipp Rösler

Philipp Rösler recently took on the role of Deputy President of the Supervisory Board at Mplus. Photo: Danijel Bračun

A Unique Blend of Experience: From Medicine to Government Leadership and Global Companies

In his distinguished career, Philipp Rösler can boast of many experiences gained at the helm of reputable global companies and organizations, as well as in high-ranking positions in public service in Germany. He served as Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Health and Economy of Germany and was a board member and executive director of the World Economic Forum.

Rösler also held roles on various supervisory boards of major companies, such as "Siemens Healthineers," software manufacturer "Brainloop," Finnish energy supplier "Fortum," and the agricultural group "Loc Troi Group" from Vietnam. Additionally, he chaired the Supervisory Board of the global Swiss corporation for blockchain technology development, CVVC.

Rösler's connection with Mplus Group started when he noticed the group's acquisition of the German BPO company Invitel, initiated in 2021. 

"The machine supports, but does not replace, humans"

Impressed by Mplus' emphasis on people, which resonates with his background as a doctor and politician, Rösler stresses the importance of human-to-human relationships in a world dominated by discussions about artificial intelligence. 

"The machine supports but does not replace, the human. And I would bet that you, as a human being, would rather be treated by another human, who bears the final responsibility, than by a machine. This is also a guarantee that not all jobs will be replaced," Rösler told the Croatian newspaper.

Rösler noted that understanding people and their emotions was crucial to comprehending behavior, economic trends, and technological processes, and he commended Mplus for excelling in this regard, noting that this focus contributed to the company's global competitiveness. 

Philipp Rösler

Addressing Mplus' impact on the workforce, Rösler praised the company's efforts in connecting people with suitable job opportunities, which foster respect and help people find meaning in their work. He also said he took pride in the fact that Mplus Group created around 5,000 new jobs in the Adria region and Turkey since its inception, thereby transforming economies and facilitating integration across Europe.

Mplus Group: Transforming Businesses with a People-Centric Approach

Talking about the distinctiveness of the Mplus Group, Rösler highlighted the company's success on both the Croatian and the European levels.

He also said he was impressed by the ambition and competence of Mplus's workforce, which enable a unique business model that provides complex services to clients while delivering cost-saving solutions. 

“If you walk around our locations from which we offer outsourcing support, and also our proprietary IT technologies that we sell throughout Europe, as well as services in the field of human resources and e-commerce, you will see competent people, who speak excellent English, are hungry, ambitious and want to build a career. I visited Silicon Valley several times as a minister and later as a businessman, but I really liked the spirit in Mplus,” he told Večernji list.

For the full interview with Philipp Rösler and an in-depth look into Mplus's efforts as a transformative and people-centric organization, please visit the link here.