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A Spotlight on Partnership: HNK's Iva Hraste Sočo Shares Story of Mplus Group and HNK's Joint Success

Zagreb, March 1st, 2024 – As the main sponsor of the Croatian National Theater (HNK), Mplus Group is proud to have been a driving force behind the Croatian National Theater's transition into a new era of digital transformation. Reflecting on our collaboration, Iva Hraste Sočo, Director of HNK in Zagreb, highlighted the results of our partnership in an interview with the Poduzetnik magazine.

Iva Hraste Soco

In the heart of Zagreb, the Croatian National Theater (HNK) stands as a beacon of cultural excellence, enchanting audiences with captivating performances year after year. Behind the curtains of this esteemed institution lies a tale of synergy between art and business, fueled by a unique partnership with Mplus Group.

Together, we've embarked on a journey that has redefined the landscape of cultural engagement and delivering record results.

Reflecting on our collaboration, Iva Hraste Sočo, Director of HNK, told the magazine Poduzetnik that the partnership boosted financial results and audience engagement: "Our collaboration with Mplus Group has not only bolstered our financial stability but has also paved the way for artistic innovation and audience enrichment."

Impressive results

The numbers speak volumes about our collective achievements. With a membership of over 5,500 subscribers and a staggering subscription growth of 57% in 2023, HNK has witnessed a surge in audience engagement, with theater occupancy consistently surpassing 90%. Perhaps most notably, the HNK ended the year with a remarkable surplus of 2 million euros.

"Since the beginning of the mandate, we've dedicated ourselves to fostering stronger ties with the private sector, with the goal of forging new partnerships. The Croatian National Theater in Zagreb aims to set a precedent for fostering collaboration between the private sector and creatives, and our team stands ready to collaborate on cultivating innovative ideas and future alliances.

"Mplus, a leading global BPTO company renowned for providing contact center services, technological solutions, and consulting for an unparalleled user experience, will continue working with us throughout 2024. This year promises exciting premieres, special programs, and much more... 

"Our partnership with Mplus will deepen further this year, with enhanced customer support for our viewers. Mplus will become an even more integral partner of the Drama, Opera, and Ballet at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, participating in various activations that we're preparing,” Hraste Sočo said.

“A shining example of corporate partnerships”

The HNK’s Director pointed out that the partnership is a great example of what can be done when the private sector supports cultures and arts. 

"This collaboration serves as a shining example of corporate partnerships at HNK in Zagreb, and we're grateful for Mplus's active support in advancing the creative and cultural industry," she noted.