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Why Mplus

Our Vision

We believe that every customer contact should be an added value. Our vision is to empower our employees to be brand ambassadors for our customers. Human interaction, intelligent processes paired with state-of-the-art technology form the hybrid origin to absolute customer centricity. We are partners at eye level for our customers and inspire through innovation
and agility.


Success Begins With a Vision

M+ Group was founded in 2007 as one of the first independent contact center providers in the Adriatic region. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve value-added results and continuously work on innovative solutions that deliver measurable outcomes.

At M+ we believe that passion in service, a great customer experience and satisfied customers are always possible.

We have listened carefully to our customers and have thus been able to expand our capabilities with the competencies that make up a modern customer service and guarantees a positive NPS, high customer satisfaction and intact SLAs.


360° View

360° solutions built to suit your company mean you can unlock powerful results for your business. We provide scalability, best practices, cost efficiencies, and technological capabilities to fuel innovations and results.

We Love to Help

Our services combine everything from AI innovations to CX solutions, communication tools, dedicated specialist support, and so much more.


Years of helping companies grow and adapt, gave us an exceptional insight into the ingredients needed for success. Every layer of our BPTO platform creates capabilities for your business to offer a fantastic customer experience and performance in every environment.


Combining Business Process Technology Outsourcing with industry experience ensures that we can offer our clients an entirely bespoke and modular Customer Care support. We ensure your business can deliver what your end-user want most.


We provide support from several delivery locations onshore, near- and offshore enriched through work-from-home. Vertical expertise, multilinguality, digital and channel of choice give you all ingrediants to fuel customer interaction processing.

Our Locations

Our regional network of 35 sites enables us to provide clients with the full benefits of one-stop-shop service.

Mplus Germany Invitel GmbH

Mplus Smart Hub ROMANIA S.R.L.


Mplus BiH D.O.O.

Mplus Croatia D.O.O.

Mplus Türkiye

Mplus Serbia Trizma D.O.O. Beograd

Mplus Slovenia Linea Directa D.O.O.