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Mplus and Hrabri Telefon to Collaborate on Employee Education Initiative

Zagreb, March 25th, 2024 - Mplus Group's new partnership with Hrabri Telefon, a leading Croatian non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting families and children, has been featured on Croatian National Television's (HRT) "Zagrebačka panorama" segment. In it, Mplus revealed that the collaboration will also include a commitment to employee education.

Screenshot: Croatian National Television (HRT)

Mplus recognizes that investing in its workforce is paramount to delivering exceptional customer experiences and contributing to social causes we care about. 

Through the new collaboration with the Hrabri Telefon NGO, Mplus employees will have the opportunity to join specialized educational programs tailored to equip them with skills and knowledge related to a host of topics, from parenting and family issues to work-life balance and stress management. 

Bruna Kostelac Košir, Chief People Officer at Mplus Group, emphasized the significance of this educational initiative: "For us, this partnership is very special. Hrabri telefon has years of experience supporting parents and children, and we have years of experience providing customer support. Our agents especially like to work on projects that have significance in terms of social responsibility. 

"This time, our agents will reach out to potential donors and thereby contribute to this partnership. Additionally, it is very important to us that we share the same values as a company, as Mplus, with Hrabri Telefon. We want to focus a lot of these education activities on helping parents and helping parents raise children. We are aware that today, the challenge of parenthood is not small... 

"The world is changing very quickly, and as an employer, we want to help existing and future employees to go easier through these challenges. Hrabri telefon will enable us to do this by providing education, workshops and individual counseling to our employees in areas such as ​​parenting, mental health, work-life balance, and stress management." 

By pursuing the training, Mplus employees will be able to enhance their professional capabilities and cultivate a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by families and children in today's world.

Supporting an important fundraising effort

As announced on March 21st, Mplus will provide financial backing for Hrabri telefon's new support center in Dugave, Zagreb. It will also operate an outbound fundraising call campaign aimed at a database of 26,000 potential donors. 

Hana Hrpka, President and CEO of NGO Hrabri telefon, shared more details about the new center with HRT: "It is a space designed to unite our two current premises. It is located in the local community in Dugave and will span over three floors. On the ground floor, it will be more aimed at direct work with children, and group work that we currently carry out in the community center of Borovje will now take place there. We will also have two rooms for counseling with children and families. 


Photo: Hrabri telefon (Brave Telephone)

"On the first floor, there will be a lecture hall where we will be able to educate all our volunteers who work directly with users. Our offices will also be there. On the second floor, you'll find our counseling lines and e-counseling areas, where volunteers answer chat and email inquiries, and more offices for EU projects and our operational team." 

In addition to Mplus, other donors - both corporate entities and private individuals - can contribute to the initiative to establish the new center in Dugave. Donations can be made through the Hrabri telefon website, which offers various payment options, including cards, KeksPay, and Aircash. 

Direct donations can also be made to the association's account HR8824020061500118867 (Erste Bank) or via the donation web page.

To access the full TV report published on the HRT site consult the following link.