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Celebrating Excellence in Croatian Leadership: Mplus's Stjepan Orešković Leads Jury at Manager of the Year Awards

Zagreb, February 15th, 2024 - This night marked a momentous occasion as the Croatian Association of Managers and Entrepreneurs (HUM) CROMA honored exceptional leaders at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb for the 33rd consecutive year. Mplus's Stjepan Orešković was the President of the Jury.


Stjepan Orešković Menadžer godine 2023


The annual Manager of the Year awards ceremony serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements of outstanding individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to ethical business practices. This year's event saw the presentation of 11 prestigious awards across various categories, reflecting the diverse talents and accomplishments within the Croatian business community.


Chosen by a panel of esteemed jurors led by Stjepan and comprising seasoned business leaders, academic experts, and media representatives, the recipients represent the pinnacle of managerial excellence in the country.


In his address, Stjepan underscored the importance of values-driven leadership and sustainable business practices in shaping a prosperous future for Croatia. He emphasized the critical role of visionary leaders in driving positive change and fostering innovation across industries.


"In the end, it all comes down to one question: what kind of people are we placing at the forefront of our societal values? Whom do we deem worthy of standing atop the pedestal of business leadership? We firmly believe that these people are those who not only reach the summit but remain there through unwavering commitment to their core values. It's these consistent individuals, the architects of sustainable business frameworks, who emerge as the true victors. 


They are the ones who continuously seek knowledge, explore new horizons, and embrace diverse disciplines—from project management and effective communication to environmental stewardship, waste management, and renewable energy initiatives. Whether they're steering family enterprises or pioneering groundbreaking products, these visionary leaders are reshaping industries and setting new standards for success," Stjepan said.


The 2023 winners



Among the notable awardees was Mislav Vučić, CEO of Jadran Galenski Laboratorij (JGL d.d.), who was honored in the large companies category. 


In addition to Vučić's recognition, other deserving winners included Anita Cvetić Orešćanin of Poslovna Inteligencija d.o.o. for medium-sized companies, Iva Rogović Lekić of MARSH d.o.o. for small companies, Dubravka Vrgoč of Project Open House Zagreb 2023 for project management excellence, and Teo Širola of Metamorfoza d.o.o. in the young managers category.


The event also celebrated the contributions of Huseyin Bahadir Bedir of Zračna luka Zagreb d.o.o. as a foreign manager and Vjekoslav Majetić of DOK-ING d.o.o. as the entrepreneur of the year. Tomislav Cikač of Pro-Klima d.o.o. was named top manager in the foreign companies’ category. 


Notably, the lifetime achievement award was conferred upon Gordana Kovačević of Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. and Bogdan Tihava of Auto Hrvatska d.d., recognizing their enduring impact and leadership in their fields. Kristijan Cinotti of MAZARS CINOTTI AUDIT d.o.o. was awarded the “Tihomir Premužak” prize for positive social impact.


Addressing the audience, Ana Soldo, President of HUM-CROMA, emphasized the indispensable role of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs in driving societal progress and economic growth. 


The event was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, and with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb. The awards were made possible through the generous sponsorship of leading companies, including Mplus, whose commitment to excellence mirrors the values celebrated at the Manager of the Year awards.


About Mplus Group:


Mplus Group (Meritus ulaganja d.d.) is a European leader that successfully integrates the dynamic industries of contact center services, information technology, employment services (HR), and e-Commerce with the aim of solving global challenges in the field of customer support.


Mplus Group is organized into three business verticals. The BPO vertical comprises the umbrella company M Plus Croatia d.o.o. and its subsidiaries. The HR vertical consists of 18 companies that operate as part of the Workplace Group, while the newest e-Commerce business vertical, operating under the brand name Eplus Ventures, consists of companies that operate within a common e-Commerce business model. 


The Mplus Group (Meritus ulaganje d.d.) is owned by pension funds, institutional investors, and private investors. With its innovative business model, Mplus Group accelerated its presence on the market with robust organic growth and an M&A platform based on a buy-and-build strategy. Since 2016, 17 acquisitions have been realized, and a diversified portfolio of clients has been secured, consisting of leading European and global telecoms, financial, technology, energy, and logistics companies, e-Commerce companies, and companies in the consumer goods sector. Thanks to offices and operational centers in 18 countries, the Mplus community of multicultural teams currently has over 14,700 employees. In addition to Croatia, the Group provides its services in 57 markets worldwide.