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Efficiency Amplified: Mplus's Tech-Forward Approach Revealed at Zimmer Frei Forum 2024

Zagreb, February 15th, 2024 - At the Zimmer Frei Forum 2024, Mplus's Solutions Expert, Viktor Hlača, presented a compelling perspective on tackling business challenges through a unique lens. 


Highlighting the company's distinctive approach, Viktor emphasized the importance of understanding the business side first before delving into technological solutions. 

This approach, coupled with Mplus's extensive portfolio of technologies, enables the company to find optimal solutions tailored to specific challenges.

Viktor also pointed out the common pitfall of viewing every problem as a nail when armed with a hammer. Instead, Mplus focuses on pinpointing the precise challenge at hand and then leveraging a combination of technologies to address it effectively. 

One such challenge discussed was the pressing issue of labor shortage, which Mplus addresses through strategic process automation.

Central to Mplus's automation strategy are two guiding principles: automating clear and efficient processes and automating processes that don't add significant value to the company or its clients. 

By automating repetitive and low-value tasks, Mplus liberates human resources to focus on endeavors that generate the most value, such as sales and client interaction.



Viktor also joined a panel discussion focusing on harnessing technology to drive successful business strategies, alongside fellow panelists Aleksandar Raić from Infobip, Marko Mišulić of Rentlio, and Leo Mršić from Algebra, who expertly moderated the session.

Buzzeasy: AI enhancing client service delivery

An exemplary case of Mplus's proactive approach to innovation is the development of Buzzeasy, a groundbreaking cloud-based solution designed to meet the operational needs of the entire organization. 

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Unlike outsourcing to third-party solutions, Mplus took the initiative to develop its own in-house technology, reflecting its commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Buzzeasy stands out as an AI-powered tool that seamlessly integrates with human contact center agents, streamlining their workflow and enhancing client service delivery. 

Among its impressive features is its ability to provide simultaneous translation into over twenty languages, catering to the diverse needs of clients across different regions.

Viktor Hlaca Mplus Group

Courtesy of: Irundo

Mplus's approach encapsulates a strategic blend of understanding business intricacies, harnessing cutting-edge technologies, and prioritizing value creation. 

By leveraging this methodology, Mplus not only addresses immediate challenges but also lays the foundation for sustainable growth and innovation in an ever-evolving business landscape.



About Mplus Group:

Mplus Group (Meritus ulaganja d.d.) is a European leader that successfully integrates the dynamic industries of contact center services, information technology, employment services (HR), and e-Commerce with the aim of solving global challenges in the field of customer support.

Mplus Group is organized into three business verticals. The BPO vertical comprises the umbrella company M Plus Croatia d.o.o. and its subsidiaries. The HR vertical consists of 18 companies that operate as part of the Workplace Group, while the newest e-Commerce business vertical, operating under the brand name Eplus Ventures, consists of companies that operate within a common e-Commerce business model. 

The Mplus Group (Meritus ulaganje d.d.) is owned by pension funds, institutional investors, and private investors. With its innovative business model, Mplus Group accelerated its presence on the market with robust organic growth and an M&A platform based on a buy-and-build strategy. Since 2016, 17 acquisitions have been realized, and a diversified portfolio of clients has been secured, consisting of leading European and global telecoms, financial, technology, energy, and logistics companies, e-Commerce companies, and companies in the consumer goods sector. Thanks to offices and operational centers in 18 countries, the Mplus community of multicultural teams currently has over 14,700 employees. In addition to Croatia, the Group provides its services in 57 markets worldwide.