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Mplus Revolutionizes Call Center Industry with AI

Mplus Group CEO Tomislav Glavaš recently sat down with the Croatian business newspaper Lider to discuss the significance of Buzzeasy's development and its potential impact on the industry. 

Mplus Brakes Ground in the Call Center Industry with AI Innovation

Recognizing the limitations and inefficiencies of existing call center solutions during its extensive experience in the industry, Mplus identified the need for a more robust and dynamic platform. 

In response, the company made a strategic decision to invest in the development of Buzzeasy, a cutting-edge cloud-based solution capable of catering to the operational needs of the entire Group. 

Developed on the foundation of insights, information, and feedback from various business operations within Mplus that utilize multiple software solutions on a daily basis, Buzzeasy is set to revolutionize the communication platform landscape. 

Unlike other BPO companies that rely on third-party solutions, Mplus took a proactive approach by developing its own in-house technology.

Buzzeasy is an AI tool that works in synergy with humans, making the agent's job easier and delivering timely and accurate client services. It offers various functionalities, including simultaneous translation into over twenty languages. 

Additionally, the AI streamlines agents' work by finding optimal solutions during interactions with customers. That leads to reduced workload, increased efficiency, and more precise and high-quality service. 

The creation of Buzzeasy began over a year and a half ago, showcasing Mplus' forward-thinking approach to driving industry trends.

Unlocking new possibilities for growth

In a recent interview with the Croatian business newspaper Lider, Mplus Group CEO, Tomislav Glavaš, emphasized the significance of Buzzeasy's development and its potential impact on the call center industry. 

Currently undergoing pilot testing with several clients, the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, motivating Mplus to continue expanding the platform's capabilities to maintain a competitive edge. 

Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, Mplus aims to unlock new possibilities and drive business growth. Buzzeasy serves as a pivotal milestone in Mplus' commitment to harnessing AI's power to enhance services and offer unparalleled solutions to clients. 

With the launch of Buzzeasy, Mplus sets a new standard in the call center industry, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and client-centric solutions. 

As businesses worldwide embrace the power of AI, Mplus remains at the forefront, shaping the future of customer service with cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking approach.

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